Where is barenakedislam.com?

A few days ago I stumbled onto http://www.barenakedislam.com

Apparently they’ve been having trouble with wordpress (yikes, where I post) and have been taken down and put up again and taken down, etc.  It looks like c.a.i.r. was upset with the site and wordpress took it down to placate the tolerant muslims.

I guess, at this point, I should feel lucky that I only have 3 readers of my site, and I think 2 of them are lying.  I may be brought down by those upset with a different viewpoint.

But, isn’t that what we’re all about here in America?  I don’t mean the quieting of voices, I mean the dissemination of many different points of view.  We can have peaceful dialogue and agree to disagree.

But, I may be speaking naively here.  If you see a car with many Democrat and BHO bumper stickers on it, what do you see?  Mostly, a car.  If you see a car with Republican and anti-BHO bumper stickers on it, what do you se?  Unfortunately, too often you see a car with key mark scratches on it or busted windows.  Hmmmm, are the Democrats as tolerant as the muslms?

This may be just a short few examples, but even one is too many; on either side of the political spectrum.

So, the big question is:  Will barenakedislam.com be available for viewing anytime soon?

I certainly hope so.

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11 Responses to Where is barenakedislam.com?

  1. Alain says:

    Despite cairthugs’s best efforts to permanently shut it down, BNI has moved to new pastures and is very much alive and kicking. Currently having problems with new webhost servers’s outage which is being sorted out, so keep checking!

  2. The site is now down due to a Webhost Server outage. We will soon be changing Webhosts. Check for updates at TWITTER: barenakedislam

  3. Doc6666 says:

    I found this site looking for what happened to barenakedislam. Glad to hear it is a technical glitch instead of a legal one like the one with wordpress.

    As far as the bumper stickers, most of the cars I’ve seen that still have pro Obama bumper stickers on them are held together by bumper stickers.

    • revsimo says:

      That’s funny. Wonder if the bumper stickers are made out of duct tape. I guess those are the folks who didn’t go for the cash for clunkers deal.

  4. Redplaidboots says:

    Whew! I was worried that they had been taken off the net again. Good to know, BNI! I’ll be watching for ya!

  5. Doc Hopper says:

    For the love of God, (the real one I mean) come back soon! You are very important to alot of folks. As for this site, where I greatly appreciate finding out what happened, definately one of my new bookmarks.

  6. MM12LL says:

    I think that an immigrant who goes to a country has to respect the laws of visiting place. This is the job of politicians to be taken care of. Instead they live people to fight endlessly.
    This problem with muslim religion is the most debated issue while for no other religion there are any arguments.

  7. EineKleineRob says:

    Glad to see BNI is down yet again (seems to spend most of its time down these days). Maybe it’s those pesky Jooos with their cyber warfare: after all, Bonni Benstock-Intall, the woman-and-gay-hating white supremacist who runs the site, does blame them for the Holocaust and admits she hates them.

    I’ll miss her, if only because her lies are so spectacularly inept (posting a picture of athletes wearing “Istanbul 2012″ tags and claiming it was from the London Olympics: duh!) And I was so looking forward to seeing her reaction when President Obama gets re-elected. So haste ye back, Bonni.

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