Racist Cops! Where’s Obama, sharpton, jackson, holder?

The answer?  Nowhere!  Will b-ho say anything about this story

An Alabama cop doesn’t arrest a woman stealing eggs to feed her kids and grandkids.

Let me do that race thang…  A White Alabama cop doesn’t arrest a Black woman stealing eggs…

Does that sound logical?  Aren’t all white cops racist pigs?  And in Alabama?  A black lady was short on cash and stole food to feed her family.  A white cop helped her.  What?!?!?!?!?!  That’s just not right.  Shouldn’t that racist white Alabama cop beat her down, possibly shoot her while she raised her hands and pleaded, “Hands up don’t shoot”???!!!

When the story got out people, of unknown race, started donating food.  Really?  In our racist society a white cop and others actually helped a black woman with kids and grandkids in need???!!!???

I can’t believe this.  Whitey don’t care about anyone black.

Wake up all people.  Lose the signs reading “Black Lives Matter” and replace them with “All Lives Matter”.

Here’s a great, positive story about a white cop doing a good thing and helping out a mama, and gramma, in need.  No riots.  No looting.  He could’ve followed the letter of the law and took her in for stealing.  He read the situation.  The situation called for compassion.

Compare and contrast, as our teachers used to say in school, this story with the Ferguson and New York grand jury rulings.  Michael Brown went nuts and got shot.  Eric Garner started slapping officers hands, a bad choice on his part.  You don’t resist against cops and expect a positive outcome.  Both Brown and Garner are responsible for their demise.

I know some disagree with that.

Helen Johnson didn’t act the fool.  She knew she stole.  The cop knew she stole.  She explained herself.  The cop believed her.  People who donated believed her.

No racism.  Just compassion. 

The overplay of the race card has rendered the race card laughable.

God bless Helen Johnson and her family.  I hope we all hope and pray for the best for them.

God bless Officer William Stacy.  He could’ve been a by the book kind of guy and carted her off to jail.  He, I believe based on her comportment, chose a higher path, as did she.

There’s the crux of the matter.  Brown and Garner could be alive today if they had made better choices.

Miss Johnson is blessed.  Maybe more than she knows. 

Cop Stacy, go home safe for the rest of your career.  Miss Johnson, we pray for you and your family’s well being.

It doesn’t all have to be racist garbage.  We’re all in this together.


Merry Christmas.

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Police Chief Edward Flynn Tells it Like it is

We need more press conferences like this.

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Biased Hate Crime Laws

In this linked article we can read a disgusting story of some teen thugs who used hammers to beat a guy to death.  In St. Louis.  Not far from Ferguson.

So far the powers that be say it’s unrelated to the Michael Brown case and isn’t being investigated as a hate crime.  Are they serious?  These punks always wander the streets carrying hammers?

Zemir Begic is dead.  Dying a horrible and painful death.  Pointless violence.

A white cop, Darren Wilson, is forced to defend himself against an amped up thug, Michael Brown.  Mike’s wholly responsible for his own demise.

Zemir was just driving home and was attacked.  What was his crime?  Obviously ill advised of him to exit his vehicle and confront the lil darlings.  It cost him his life.  His better option would’ve been to hit the accelerator.  If a thug or two gets plowed under the wheels, oh well, tough bunnies.

But no.  Mr. Begic was murdered in cold blood.  His new wife, friends and family now mourn.  A pointless, needless random act of violence or a thrill kill?  “Justice” for Brown?

The perps need never see the light of day again.

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Blocking Roadways is Counterproductive

If you want to protest, go ahead.  It’s American.  Do it peacefully or face the consequences.  Unfortunately for law abiding folks, the consequences of last night’s, and maybe tonight’s, “protests” may go unpunished.

As I write this I see on the local L.A. news “protesters” marching on, and stopping, the 101 freeway.

Mow ‘em down.  That’s not protest, that’s stupidity.

Protest if you will but don’t interfere with others just trying to live their lives.  I probably wouldn’t vote to convict someone who, slowly, drove through the crowd.  If they’re dumb enough to not get out of the way of slow moving vehicles, well, call it Darwinism.

The motorists don’t know what the mob may do.  I still see the image of Reginald Denny being brutalized in the aftermath of the Rodney King cop trial.  Here’s a guy just trying to do his job, driving his truck, and the next thing he knows, he’s getting pulled from the truck and getting hit with a cinder block to the head.  And “Football” (was that his street name?  Damien something?) rejoicing over a battered white guy.

But was he racist?  Pick your name, Reginald or Football.

The cops are damned if they do, damned if they don’t enforce our laws and try to clear out the “protesters” or, gasp, actually have a confrontation with someone who wants to burn or destroy some innocents property or person.

Remember the movie “Soylent Green”?  They had some nasty, yet useful, scooper trucks picking up the mobs.  We need some of those scoopers now.  Block a roadway?  Get scooped.  Loot?  Get shot dead.  Protest peacefully?  Fine.

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Grand Jury: No Indictment

But, the fed investigation is still in progress.  Darren Wilson, the cop who struggled with and shot Michael Brown, could still be sacrificed on the PC altar.

We don’t know all the facts.  The Grand Jury heard them.  Saw the evidence.  Didn’t think the use of force that led to death merited an indictment.  That’s how the system works.  Are the nine whites and three blacks on the GJ racist?  Was the vote count for no indictment 9-3?  We don’t know.

What we do know is that Ferguson, Mo. erupted last night.  Also reports of “protests” in Philly, New York, L.A., and Oakland.

Watching Fox news it was interesting, and sad, to see the split screen with B-HO on one side, appealing for calm, watching the scroll reading that the Brown family was disappointed in the verdict but wanted people to stay calm and peaceful, and the other side of the split watching storefront windows being smashed and “protesters” running amok.

Black Friday shopping came early in Ferguson as the looting began.  Multiple shots fired.  Fires.  Tear gas.  Mayhem.

Is that the Michael Brown legacy?  Probably.  What about Darren Wilson?  Just a cop doing his job and now has to live with this mess.  Always having to look over his shoulder.  His life is probably ruined.

Who’s at fault for this madness?  The Brown supporters say it’s Wilson.  From what the prosecutor said in his statement last night, based on what the GJ found, the fault lies with Brown.

Brown robbed the store of some Swisher Sweets and then pushed and otherwise intimidated the store keeper.  He and his buddy were walking down the middle of the street when encountered by Wilson.  That’s pretty brazen, and not very bright.  After you rob someone you don’t parade down the street.  You get out of sight.  But, a stoned criminal isn’t always a smart criminal.

Brown fit the description of the robber.  Wilson was duty bound to investigate.  A struggle ensued and led to the death of Brown.  How is that Wilson’s fault?  It isn’t.

Michael Brown’s bad choices are the reason he’s dead, his family is grieving, and Ferguson is on fire.

Do the “protesters” really care about Brown or did they use the situation to blow off steam and grab some free goodies?

This didn’t have to be a racial thing.  Would a black cop have done the same thing in this situation?  Almost certainly.  If Brown was white, regardless of skin color of the cop, and acted the same way, would the situation and outcome be any different?  Doubtful.

Thank goodness B-HO brought us to this post racial era.

Let truth reign.  Hope and pray things settle down.  Nobody needs this mess.

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