Hey b-ho, Shut Up

A sicko shoots many people at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, killing at least 13.  The bodies are still warm and our fearless leader, b-ho, comes on TV in typical anti-gun, anti-freedom, knee-jerk fashion spouting about the need for ”common sense” gun laws.

We have a lot, tens of thousands of gun laws, are none of those “common sense”?

The school is a gun free zone.  The shooter brought a gun on campus.  Law broken.

Murder is illegal.  The shooter killed.  Law broken.

Attempted murder is illegal.  The shooter tried to kill even more than he did.  Law broken.

How many more laws need to be enacted?  How many more freedoms need to be taken away from the law abiding citizenry?  How many before the big government, big brother liberals realize that the law abiding are not wont to break the law?  Sick individuals and criminals care not for any rule or regulation.

Unfortunately, this type of thing will happen in a “free” society.  Unless we’re all monitored 24/7, sickos and terrorists are going to do bad things.

I know early reports are often inaccurate and incomplete but why is it taking so long to learn more about the shooter?  A 20 year old male is all we’ve got as of this writing.  Is it true the shooter was asking the religion of his victims?

So many questions.  Garden variety white boy that snapped and went on a shooting spree or terrorist attack?

May God bless and comfort the victims, their families, the first responders, and all affected by this horrific incident.

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John Ellis Bush is officially running for President of the United States.

On the TV news I heard a lot of talking heads talking about his logo.  Jeb!  Hmmmm, no mention of the Bush name.  Is he trying to distance himself from the so-called “dynasty”?  Did “W” try to distance himself?

Could it be that “Jeb” is just short for John Ellis Bush?

And what of Hillary’s logo?  An arrow?  Could that be akin to the male symbol ♂?  Just askin’.

Not sure who I’m supporting at this point but it sure as shootin’ ain’t Hillary.

Remember when b-ho was running for the first time?  People were saying things like, “Wow, wouldn’t it be amazing to have our first black president?”

Is that any way to elect a world leader?  No!  Maybe a Junior high Prez, but not our president.

Now, people are saying, “Wow, wouldn’t it be amazing to have our first female president?”

No, it wouldn’t, if it’s Hillary.  It’d be horrible.  What the heck are you people thinking?  Are you all on drugs?

By the same reasoning, shouldn’t we be saying, “Wow, wouldn’t it be amazing and cool to have our first president who is the brother of another president and both brothers were the son of a president?”

Wow, wouldn’t it be awesome if we elected a president, congress, state legislature, county representatives, city councils who actually believed in the Constitution?

Keep dreaming.

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Bad Neighbors and CPS, a Toxic Combination

This article should raise your BP.

What kind of “neighbor” does this?  I’m old, but not that old, and back in the day neighbors, more or less, watched out for each other and each other’s kids.  That was good and bad.  We could be punished at school, then when a neighbor mom heard about it, then when our parents heard about it.

But nobody called the government into anything.  Wouldn’t even think of such a thing.

So a kid’s folks are detained for an hour and a half and he amuses himself in his yard while he waits their return.  I don’t know the story of the neighbor and their relationship with the kid, and the kid’s family, but it seems excessive to call in the government if you look out your window and see an 11 year old playing basketball in his yard.

Typical nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz stuff from the old Bewitched TV series (1964-1971?).

For being delayed in traffic and weather this 11 year olds parents are charged with a felony.  He and his 4 year old brother are taken away to the “safety” of government custodial care.  The parents are cuffed and taken to jail.

Please, read the linked article.  I’m trying to run a blog that could be read by the entire family.  I’m so ticked at this story my filters may fail me.

Suffice to say, CPS and bad neighbors can, and do, cause good folks a lot of trouble and money.  I hope the neighbors can be sued.  I wish CPS could be sued.

There’s probably going to be more to this story.

I would just like to read one good CPS story.  I can’t remember if I’ve ever done that.

Be neighborly, call 911.  Geez.

What do you think?

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Legend B.B. King has passed

Mr. B.B. King, May God take you in His arms and give you everlasting peace.

The King is dead.  Long live the King.

Linked article


Another article

The Thrill is Gone video

There is Always One More Time audio


RIP B.B. King!

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First Reports Ain’t Always Right But This Video Is Damning

Bad video of a Police beating.

The guy may be wanted.  The guy may be bad.  But, according to the video,  the guy wasn’t resisting.  According to the video the cops were criminal.  The guy was spread eagle and got kicks to the head and groin.  According to the video the guy was compliant.  According to the video the guy got a beating from “Peace Officers” whose job it is to hook up a suspect and bring him to jail for a court trial.

The guy ran.  The cops followed.  The guy ran some more.  The cops emotions were running hot.  The guy fell off his stolen horse.  The guy got the snot kicked out of him by overzealous cops who shouldn’t be in the department.  They displayed unprofessionalism by kicking him in the head and testicles.  He didn’t appear to be resisting.  He was done running.

They weren’t done fighting.

Last I heard, ten cops were on administrative leave, paid or not.

Emotion isn’t supposed to play a part in the role of a cop’s daily life.  Unfortunately, it does.  Cops are humans, too.  Can that be stopped?  Doubtful.  They’re supposed to be professional.  Held to a higher standard.  Crap, we’re all human.  You get a call a suspect is on the run and you go after it.

Your adrenaline level rises more and more.  This bad guy needs to be apprehended.  He’s making me chase him.  Asshole!  I’m gonna kill him!  Why would he do this?  We’re the law!  Stop or die!

I’m torn.

I want to be on the side of law and order.  The side of the cops.  But I see the cops aren’t always on the side of law and order.  They too often are found out falsifying records and reports.  Also, too often getting away with it.

But, on the other hand, too many times the bad guys are getting away with whatever they’re getting away with.

And, sadly, the cops are getting away with convicting people that are being held for crimes they didn’t commit.

On the plus side, the cops know these bad guys and are putting them away where they bel0ng, bogus crimes or real.

But, what happens if they go after a guy who’s innocent?  What happens if their “proof” is a fabrication?

“Dirty Harry” got a lot of grief from his bosses but he never went after an innocent man.

Tough cops are great if they’re clean.  Like Dirty Harry.

Are the cops who beat the snot out of this guy clean?  They seemed to be acting on emotion and adrenaline against a perp who was being compliant after realizing his run was no more.

The video seems more damning of the cops and their actions.

I applaud law and order.  We live in a Constitutional Republic based on law.  We all have our roles to play.  Our elected government makes the law.  Citizens follow the law.  When the citizens break the law the Police cite, via ticketing, or arrest and bring the lawbreakers in for adjudication.

The Police are not Judge, Jury, and Executioner

This video shows that they thought they were.


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