Legend B.B. King has passed

Mr. B.B. King, May God take you in His arms and give you everlasting peace.

The King is dead.  Long live the King.

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The Thrill is Gone video

There is Always One More Time audio


RIP B.B. King!

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First Reports Ain’t Always Right But This Video Is Damning

Bad video of a Police beating.

The guy may be wanted.  The guy may be bad.  But, according to the video,  the guy wasn’t resisting.  According to the video the cops were criminal.  The guy was spread eagle and got kicks to the head and groin.  According to the video the guy was compliant.  According to the video the guy got a beating from “Peace Officers” whose job it is to hook up a suspect and bring him to jail for a court trial.

The guy ran.  The cops followed.  The guy ran some more.  The cops emotions were running hot.  The guy fell off his stolen horse.  The guy got the snot kicked out of him by overzealous cops who shouldn’t be in the department.  They displayed unprofessionalism by kicking him in the head and testicles.  He didn’t appear to be resisting.  He was done running.

They weren’t done fighting.

Last I heard, ten cops were on administrative leave, paid or not.

Emotion isn’t supposed to play a part in the role of a cop’s daily life.  Unfortunately, it does.  Cops are humans, too.  Can that be stopped?  Doubtful.  They’re supposed to be professional.  Held to a higher standard.  Crap, we’re all human.  You get a call a suspect is on the run and you go after it.

Your adrenaline level rises more and more.  This bad guy needs to be apprehended.  He’s making me chase him.  Asshole!  I’m gonna kill him!  Why would he do this?  We’re the law!  Stop or die!

I’m torn.

I want to be on the side of law and order.  The side of the cops.  But I see the cops aren’t always on the side of law and order.  They too often are found out falsifying records and reports.  Also, too often getting away with it.

But, on the other hand, too many times the bad guys are getting away with whatever they’re getting away with.

And, sadly, the cops are getting away with convicting people that are being held for crimes they didn’t commit.

On the plus side, the cops know these bad guys and are putting them away where they bel0ng, bogus crimes or real.

But, what happens if they go after a guy who’s innocent?  What happens if their “proof” is a fabrication?

“Dirty Harry” got a lot of grief from his bosses but he never went after an innocent man.

Tough cops are great if they’re clean.  Like Dirty Harry.

Are the cops who beat the snot out of this guy clean?  They seemed to be acting on emotion and adrenaline against a perp who was being compliant after realizing his run was no more.

The video seems more damning of the cops and their actions.

I applaud law and order.  We live in a Constitutional Republic based on law.  We all have our roles to play.  Our elected government makes the law.  Citizens follow the law.  When the citizens break the law the Police cite, via ticketing, or arrest and bring the lawbreakers in for adjudication.

The Police are not Judge, Jury, and Executioner

This video shows that they thought they were.


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Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal

Tonight’s O’Reilly Factor had a tip to read Bret Stephen’s article on the lies and non-truths (ain’t they the same?) about Michael Brown, Darren Wilson, and Ferguson in general.

As of this writing said article is only accessible with a paid subscription to the WSJ.  I don’t have that.   I found the article over at commentators.com.

A very telling article.  Click that link above, please.

The two people quoted, who were witnesses to the event that was wholly caused by Michael Brown, said, in effect, they were afraid to come forward with the truth, the facts, lest the local populace and the media skewer them.

Some people aren’t interested in facts.  Sadly.  Some are too blinded by ideology to see anything but their own twisted truth.  That twisted truth is not the truth at all.

How dare we contradict their ideology?

A sad state of affairs in 21st century America.

As citizens, aren’t we all in this together?  Regardless of race, color, or creed?

Or, is that just my dumb, old white guy philosophy?

And what’s wrong with that philosophy?

Find facts.  Believe the truth.

Unfortunately, too many people, from the folks just living their lives, to the powerful in D.C., are too blinded to see the truth.

The truth shall set you free.

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50 Shades of Who Cares?

I have not read or seen the 50 shades phenom that’s been in all the news, but, from what I’ve seen and read about it I’m glad I haven’t gone out of my way to read or see such “entertainment”.

Currently I have three books and one fictional sermon available on Amazon.  Offerings that are selling next to nothing.  Free promo days are doing OK, but not many folks are plunking down a dollar or three to read my eBooks.  Less are plunking down the cash to buy the paperbacks.  I’m writing crime fiction, sermon excluded, about damaged people doing bad things.   Obviously a genre I like enough to base books on.

I see the Romance and Trash offerings on Amazon, see their top 100 listings, and wonder why I’m not writing such things.  I could do that and make lots of money, I’m thinking,  but, that’s not the genre I want to be associated with.

Unfortunate for me?


Women want to be empowered.  I’ve seen news reports about the fact that women don’t make as much money as men in Hollywood.  They don’t command the starring roles as men do.  The roles for women aren’t as empowering as the roles for men.

Women want to be in control of their own lives and bodies.

So why the bleep does a story about a woman being overpowered and controlled by a man, in a highly sexual context, resonate so high in our society?

What does that say about our society?

Does it say something about women?

The local news here interviewed people as they left the theater.  The number of women seeing the flick were higher than the number of men.

The reviews were mixed.

Is it just titillation?

No wonder men are so confused.  Women want empowerment but seem to want to have strong men in their lives.

Strength through subjugation???  Is that empowerment?

There was an email going around a few years ago that showed two pictures.  The thoughts and actions of a man were depicted by a panel that had an on/off switch.  The thoughts and actions of a woman were depicted by a panel that had hundreds of switches, lights, dials, etc., etc., etc.

It was humorous.

Pretty much true.

So, why did this story get to be so popular?  I stand by my stories, for sale on Amazon, linked in the “My Books” section of this site, but I’m not getting sales.

Are we just looking for escape through racy, tingly writing and visuals?

If so, why?  If you have any thoughts on why, please tell me, I’d really like to know.

Right now I sit here and ask myself for the gazillionth time, “Where are we going and why are we in this hand basket?”

For you youngsters who may have never heard the term from your granny, they sometimes opined, “We’re going to hell in a hand basket.”

They’re right.


Can you imagine past presidents posing for buzzfeed selfies?  I think it’s a disgrace to the office.  What do I know?  I’m an old fart.

“Speak softly and carry a big stick” has transmogrified into this?  A stick to hold a cell phone with a camera?

No wonder the world is laughing at us and all hell’s breaking loose.

Shoot, this has nothing to do with 50 shades of nothingness.

But, maybe it does.


We were once a God fearing, Judeo-Christian Constitutional Republic.  NOT a Democracy.  Now even Republicans call us a Democracy.

Can we be saved?

Saved from our masses flocking to such entertainment that’s being promulgated by godless executives looking at the bottom line?

Profit from sin is big business.

But, look at the more moral and religious type reads and flicks that, all too rarely, make it to mass market.  They do a durned good business.

There is still a majority of folks who believe in the Bible’s version of the Judeo-Christian ethic and Founding principles.

They’re usually silent.

When they (we) finally speak, what might happen?

50 shades will still have a voice.  It should.  We have that 1st Amendment right.  There will be an audience.

It’s not necessarily about what’s available for reading and viewing.  Adults should be able to see and view whatever they want.

The crux of it all is our mindset.

Our thoughts and feelings of what is good and bad.  What is right and what is wrong.

I’ve written some twisted stuff in my aforementioned 3 books.  I’d hate to have some thought police tell me what I could and couldn’t write.  That wouldn’t be freedom.  Our Founders wanted us to be free.  And free citizens we should be.

I’m not advocating that the 50 Shades franchise should be shut down.

I’m just saying that God fearing, believing people would probably be better served finding different entertainment.  The Gospel of Matthew 5:28 and Proverbs 6:25 bear this out.

But, again, where are we going and why are we in this hand basket?  

And how many folks believe in the Bible and God these days?

These last days???

Is this too much reading into entertainment?

We’re all going to find out someday.

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CPS, DHS, Cops, Anonymous Calls Threaten Us; 7 More Children Kidnapped by the Government

A Christian family that homeschools their kids?  Are they terrorists?  They’ve been informed on by an anonymous source, allegedly.  They have a mineral supplement in their possession.

Oh my, a mineral supplement.

And who’s this anonymous caller that started the mess?  Does this person exist?  And how bleepin’ scary is it that our lives can be turned upside down by some idiot making an anonymous call?

Keep yer powder dry, folks, it’s gonna get uglier before it gets better.

Here’s the article

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